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Crest Advisory is committed to having a positive impact on the criminal justice system. Please help us improve awareness of us and our services so that we can work with others to build a safer society.  

This survey is to test how well we explain ourselves and what we do to our stakeholders and partners.

It should take about five minutes to complete and it is anonymous.
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Section 1 | Brand awareness

How did you first hear about Crest? *

What did you type into the search engine?

It doesn't have to be exact but it's useful to have an idea of the sorts of terms people use to search for us
When did you first hear of Crest? *

Have you heard other people mention Crest? *

Were they positive about Crest? *

Where do you think Crest is based? *

How strongly do you agree or disagree with this statement: Crest delivers approximately half of its work outside London and the South East of England *

Do you understand what we mean when we say we help people to think, speak and act more clearly on criminal justice? *

Do you understand what we mean when we say we provide clarity on criminal justice? *

Do you view Crest as: *

How often do you think Crest works with police and crime commissioners? *

Are you aware of any other organisations which might be seen as competitors of Crest? *

Is there anything that sets Crest apart from competitors? Or any areas in which we fail to compete? If you are happy to give examples of competitors please do so

What do you feel you don't know or understand about Crest and what we do?

What would help you better understand Crest and what we do?

Section 2 | Quality of our digital marketing

Have you visited our website? *

Crest's website:

Have you read/watched any of our blogs, focus pieces or whiteboard videos? *

Crest blogs, focus pieces and whiteboard videos:

Are you signed up to our mailing list? *

Our newsletters are emailed to our mailing list (you can sign up using the footer on our website)
Crest newsletters:

How often do you use Twitter? *

Which of these are true?

Crest's tweets:

How often do you use Facebook? *

Which of these are true?

How often do you use LinkedIn? *

Which of these are true?

Section 3 | Final things...

Where are you mainly based (e.g. for work)? *

What areas do you work in? *

Have you ever been a customer of Crest *

Do you have any final comments on our brand and digital marketing?

Thank you very much for your answers which we will take on board. If you would like to provide feedback at any time please get in touch with us by emailing contact@crestadvisory.com
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